Inbound-Shipments: New Capabilities make tracking shipments easier

We are very happy to announce that we've just released additional functionality in the SalesDash Inbound-Shipments Dash which will make tracking shipments into Amazon infinitely easier.

Based on customer feedback, we've made it easier to identify shipments that are 'lost' - i.e. they are in-transit for abnormally long periods of time. In addition to 'in-transit' issues, we've made it easier to identify shipments that are received by Amazon but never seem to be fully ingested into Amazon's inventory.

Now in the Inbound-Shipments dashboard are some new columns:
- Days In Transit: how long has an inbound shipment been on its way to Amazon
- This is great for tracking shipments that are outside your normal transit times.
- Shipment Type: Usually SP (Small Parcel) or LTL. Knowing how items were shipped will help you troubleshoot if a shipment is late and where it might be.
- % Units Received: Shipments are left open by Amazon long after they have ingested most, if not all inventory. With this new column, you can see (and sort by) the percentage of units received, allowing you to focus on true problems (i.e. 25% ingested after a week of receipt might be a problem).

Also added to Inbound-Shipments are a couple of quick filter/sort buttons:
- Show In Transit Only: Clicking this button will set the filter to only show shipments that are still 'In-Transit' or 'Shipping' status - as far as Amazon is concerned they have not yet reached an Amazon DC (which we know may not be true...). We also auto-sort the list by how long they have been 'In-Transit', allowing you to quickly see any potential issues.
- Show Receiving Only: Clicking this button is a quick way to see all items that Amazon has flagged as not fully ingested. Another quick and easy way to see problem shipments.

Some additional nuggets to make your life easier:
- See shipping vendor and tracking info:
- Roll over the Days In Transit to see who is shipping the items, plus the tracking information (if available from Amazon).
- Or Click through to the Shipment Detail page by clicking on the Shipment ID and the header will now give you all the tracking information and auto link to UPS if the items were shipped by UPS.

We are very excited to share this new functionality with you and hope that it helps streamline your business.

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