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Inbound-Shipments: New Capabilities make tracking shipments easier

We are very happy to announce that we've just released additional functionality in the SalesDash Inbound-Shipments Dash which will make tracking shipments into Amazon infinitely easier.

Based on customer feedback, we've made it easier to identify shipments that are 'lost' - i.e. they are in-transit for abnormally long periods of time. In addition to 'in-transit' issues, we've made it easier to identify shipments that are received by Amazon but never seem to be fully ingested into Amazon's inventory.

Did you get an Email from Amazon with the title “Changes as we prepare for a successful peak (US)”

Amazon has implemented their restocking restrictions again which will impact your ability to replenish FBA inventory. SalesDash has integrated Amazon’s restocking limits into our inventory tools which will help you plan your holiday shipments and remain in stock.